REAL announces initiative to reduce environmental footprint

On Earth Day, the Regina Exhibition Association Limited is announcing a 10-year partnership with local company Greenwave Innovations that will permanently reduce REAL’s operational costs and carbon emissions across the Evraz Place campus.

“This is a plan that reduces our environmental footprint while lowering our operational costs is something that we can all agree upon,” said Tim Reid, President and CEO of REAL. “Our owner and sole-shareholder, the City of Regina, has committed to becoming a renewable city by 2050 and this very much falls in line with one of their goals of reducing our city’s carbon emissions. We are certainly proud to have entered into this partnership with Greenwave Innovations.”

The 10-year agreement will see Greenwave’s real-time electricity, natural gas & water sub-monitoring technology deployed across the REAL campus. REAL’s operational and Greenwave’s analytic teams will use detailed consumption data to make informed energy efficiency decisions that will drive continual energy conservation ambition and results.

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