Police report 45 incidents of mischief to Regina bus shelters since start of the year

The Regina Police Service says there have been 45 incidents since the beginning of 2021 where Regina Transit bus shelters have been damaged.

According to police, the incidents have occurred in many areas across the city. While RPS says there is no evidence directly showing that a single suspect or group of suspects are involved, their reports indicate that there are clusters of these incidents on the same date or dates.

“This is wanton destruction of City property which serves an important function for Regina residents,” a RPS spokesperson stated in a release on Thursday. “The damage to bus shelters costs everyone in terms of tax dollars and creates inconvenience and discomfort to users of the transit system. The sight of broken glass can also be distressing to transit clients who may interpret the damage as a signal that the area is unsafe.”

A map displaying the locations of incidents involving mischief to Regina bus shelters as of April 22, 2021. (Image courtesy of Regina Police Service)

Police say anyone with information to assist RPS in these investigations is asked to contact them or Regina Crime Stoppers.

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