Party leaders disappointed by COVID-19 protest outside Regina General Hospital

The premier and leader of the opposition are disappointed to hear about protestors against COVID-19 measures and vaccines setting up their demonstration near the main entrance of the Regina General Hospital.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili was not too pleased to find out about the protest’s location following question period on Wednesday.

“It’s ridiculous and it’s absolutely offensive,” started Meili. “What does it feel like if you’re leaving the hospital after visiting a loved one in the ICU, and then you go out and see these idiots with signs saying ‘COVID isn’t real.’ It shouldn’t happen and these people need to get a life.”

Premier Scott Moe shared similar feelings about the protest. He called the move highly inappropriate.

“We have families that are going in and out of that hospital to see their loved ones, and many of those loved ones are struggling with COVID,” the premier stated. “We have physicians and people working in the ICU and that hospital environment that are working likely as hard as they have ever worked in their careers.”

Moe suggested the protestors should move their demonstration outside the front doors of the legislative building where a small protest has taken place for some time now.

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