Workplace injuries decrease in Saskatchewan in a pandemic dominated 2020

The Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board says workplace injury rates decreased in 2020.

In a news release it says the workplace total injury rate was 4.46 per 100 workers, which is a ten percent decrease from 2019.

Time lost to workplace injuries also went down last year by 4.3 percent.

Statistics also indicate that 90 percent of Saskatchewan employers achieved zero injuries.

There were however 34 workplace fatalities in Saskatchewan in 2020, occurring in a variety of industries.

In 2019 there were 36 workplace fatalities across the province.

“Although the reductions in the Total injury and Time Loss injury rates are a step in the right direction,” Minister Responsible for WCB, Don Morgan said in a news release, “every workplace injury in Saskatchewan is one too many. We cannot become complacent in our efforts to make all workplaces safe.”

Claims also dropped in 2020 from the year previous, falling from 21,473 in 2019, to 17,944 in 2020.


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