City exploring growth options post-pandemic

Regina’s Executive Committee spent most of their meeting Wednesday discussing what the city needs to do to grow post- pandemic.

One area they want to focus on is where to attract people to live in the city, whether that be downtown or keep expanding the city outwards.

Mayor Sandra Masters says the best way to attract people to the city is to improve infrastructure.

“I think the best approach for the city is to have that overarching vision of adding to the quality of life for citizens,” said Masters. “Improving infrastructure, and the plan to hire the engineers to have that fulsome review of the needs of our infrastructure is incredibly important in terms of our planning and investment.”

Masters says she doesn’t have a preference as to what part of the city people live in, as long as people are moving to the city.

“I think we need to produce a product, and the market has to drive that,” said Masters. “We need to produce a product where people want to live downtown, in those North Central, and Heritage communities. I would hope we would end up with both areas of growth and achieving that 300,000.”

Masters says attracting people to live in Regina is an important factor in the city’s COVID-19 recovery.

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