U of R aiming to have more students and staff on campus this fall

University of Regina Acting Provost david Gregory says their campus will have a very different look this fall.

The university hopes to have more students, faculty and staff back this September for in-person learning. Gregory said it will be a shift that looks sort of similar to how things were before the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said they can gather in the fall based on the success of the province’s vaccine rollout plan.

“This will allow us to continue with remote teaching and learning, but also encourage students to learn in-person,” stated Gregory.

Gregory mentioned that the current winter semester has involved about 600 students on campus who have attended courses, studios and labs with COVID-19 safety precautions in place. However they hope to “dial it up” as safely as possibly can in the fall.

“The library will open to in-person presence, computer labs will open, basic food services will be offered and so on,” he added. “It will look and be a very different campus in the fall.”

He mentioned that remote learning will continue to play a large role in the fall with a hopeful return to normalcy by January 2022.

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