Saskatchewan health-care organizations teaming up to address vaccine hesitancy

Over 20 healthcare organizations are getting together for an advertising campaign aimed at getting people vaccinated against COVID-19 and taking whatever vaccine is available to them

The campaign expresses the theme that “Hope is within arm’s reach” and tackle issues around the vaccine hesitancy some are feeling.

“We are encouraging the public to get vaccinated to protect themselves, their loved ones, and everyone in Saskatchewan,” said Dr. Myles Deutscher, president of the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons, one of the organizations involved in the campaign. “We assure everyone that these vaccines are safe. If you have any concerns about vaccines, talk to your primary health-care provider.”

One of the messages in the campaign is “we assure you it is safe and that common side-effects are uncontrollable giddiness and happy tears”

Some of organizations included in the campaign are the Saskatchewan Medical Association, the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association, the Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians and the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics.


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