Merriman miffed with Moderna

News on Friday that Moderna, citing production delays, was cutting its latest shipment to Canada from 1.2 million doses to 650,000 has Saskatchewan’s Health Minister Paul Merriman upset.

“We’ve had lots of delayed shipments, lots of shipments that have been split, and lots of shipments that just didn’t come,” Merriman said. “This continually plays a huge role in all of our clinics, whether it be our mass immunization clinics, our drive-through clinics or the walk-in clinics.

He adds that he feels terrible for those who are excited to get their first shot only to find out that their appointment has to be cancelled and re-scheduled.

While upset with Moderna, Merriman is happy to hear the federal government has signed a deal with Pfizer that will see eight million additional doses coming to Canada with half of those expected next month.  However, he is remaining cautious.

“It’s great news that they’re increasing the Pfizer,” Merriman said. “I’ll say it’s amazing news when it actually lands here and we can get it into somebody’s arm.”


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