City says pothole problem no bigger than other years despite recent weather

It is pothole season in Regina.

The City says the spring thaw did start a little than earlier which meant crews could get out to start some temporary repairs with permanent repairs starting in a couple of weeks.

Evan Guenther is the City of Regina’s roadways and maintenance says this recent weather hasn’t caused any problems when it comes to fixing potholes.

“Our temporary cold mix is designed to survive the winter season.” Guenther said. “The repairs we have made so far are holding up quite well.”

Guenther says when he looks at what has been done and how much hot asphalt has been used this looks to be a normal year.

The City does prioritize pothole repairs with the first ones to be fixed being ones on major roadways with that eventually trickling down to residential neighbourhoods.  If you have a pothole on your street that you feel should be looked at sooner than later, you are advised to phone the city at 777-7000

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