Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation hoping to see a reserved federal budget

The federal government comes out with their first budget in two years on Monday, and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has created a wish list of sorts.

Federal Director Aaron Wudrick says he would like to see some spending control in Ottawa with this budget.

“We’ve obviously spent hundreds of millions that we had not planned on spending, and we’re looking to see the government demonstrate that they recognize that we’re in worse shape than in previous years,” said Wudrick. “And hoping that they don’t plan to embark on any sort of big ticket new permanent spending, which is really sort of the last thing we should be looking at right now.”

The CTF would also like to see members of parliament take a pay cut. Wudrick says while other Canadians have either lost their jobs or had their wages slashed, MP’s have seen two increases in pay so far during the pandemic.



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