City of Regina looking to improve recreation programs for residents with disabilities

Regina City Council approved a motion that will explore creating more leisure and recreation activities for people with disabilities.

The motion was brought forward by Councillors Lori Bresciani, and Terina Shaw. Bresciani says the approval was a personal victory.

“I would say that this is probably my proudest moment as a councillor, and as a mother that has worked very hard and diligently to try and access services,” said Bresciani. “I was very, very proud and very, very grateful that council unanimously supported this.”

Bresciani, and Shaw, became rather emotional during discussions, as they both have children with disabilities.

As happy as Bresciani was to see it pass, she says she had more than her family in mind.

“It’s not so much now for my daughter, but it’s for families that will not have to endure some of the experiences that I’ve had to,” said Bresciani. “It’s to absolutely improve services for today and moving forward to be more of an inclusive city with recreation, and overall programming.”

Now that the motion has been approved, city administration is set to bring forward recommendations before next year’s budget.

Bresciani says there’s not only a need for specialized programs, but for inclusive programs as well.

“There’s many individuals that want to partake in, let’s say, a swimming class, but if you need support for that swimming class, you’re not able to get into that swimming class,” said Bresciani. “Those are the kinds of things that I’m hoping they look into with more of a broader lens, and saying, what are some of the things that we need.”

Bresciani says she wants to see more programs in not only recreation activities, but in art, and music, as it only improves the quality of these individual’s lives.

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