Conservatives climate change plan doesn’t change Moe’s view on issue

The federal Conservatives may have issued a climate plan this week that includes a carbon tax, but it won’t change the mind of Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe who feels such a tax is one Saskatchewan does not need.

“No carbon tax is acceptable in the province.” Moe said on Thursday. “We don’t believe it is the appropriate mechanism in order for us to actually achieve what we want to achieve.”

That being said, he does say if one plan needs to be chosen it would be the one put forth by the Conservatives.

“To be clear, I would choose neither of them.” Moe said. “If I have to choose between the two platforms, there’s one that is less than a third of the cost and there is one that returns the dollars to the folks that actually spent those dollars.  That’s the one that we’d have to choose.”

He remains adamant what the Liberals are doing does nothing for the environment and is simply a wealth redistribution plan

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