Regina doctor wants people to stop “vaccine shopping”

When Regina infectious disease specialist Dr. Alex Wong, hears people across the province have been shying away from the AstraZeneca vaccine because they would rather have the Pfizer or Moderna ones, it makes him shudder.

“Take whatever vaccine is offered to you because it is the best one.” Wong said Wednesday in a message that he and many others have been circulating for the last little while.

Wong says with COVID-19 variants of concern spreading throughout Saskatchewan, “vaccine shopping” is not the right route to take, and could have disastrous consequences.

“The difference between one or two or three weeks could be the difference between life and death.” Wong said. “Please take the first vaccine that is offered.”

Wong says it is reassuring to see Health Canada come out with a statement on the AstraZeneca vaccine, saying they believe the product is safe and you should have no worries about receiving it when your time to be vaccinated comes.

“I think some who are still hesitant will hopefully be reassured by what was said.” Wong said. “For some though, their minds are made up and there isn’t a lot we can do with that, but I say again that waiting for one brand of vaccine with variants of concern spreading could be very dangerous.  The key thing here is all vaccines are essentially 100 percent effective against severe illness, hospitalization and death so don’t hesitate, just go.   There is still a lot of work that has to be done.”




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