Call being made by Regina’s two school divisions to have staff vaccinated

Both the Regina Public and Catholic schools are calling for school staff to be prioritized when it comes to vaccines with the hope being it can be done before in-school learning is scheduled to resume on April 26.
Both sides have sent separate letters to the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Ministry of Health asking for the move to be done.
Regina Catholic School Division Director of Education Dominic Scuglia says the online learning currently in place is not the best way to go and that doing this would ease the stress level for many.
“Every time we move to remote learning, we create a scenario for many of our parents that in some cases is unmanageable.” Scuglia said. “In some cases, parents lose income from their employer if they have to stay home to look after their kids.  That creates an impact on the provincial economy which you know has taken a massive hit.  We need to have kids in school and in-person learning which is far more impactful on kids to learn effectively.”
Public Board chair Adam Hicks says when you take a look at it, a large chunk of the city’s population can be found in schools.
“When you think about parents that are attached to the students and family members attached to our staff members, that is about 3o t0 40 percent of our city that are impacted by not being back in the classroom. We don’t want to extend on-line learning past April 26, but if public health recommends we do so, we will have no choice but to do so.
Hicks adds both divisions have said they are willing to do what it takes to get this done and that they will coordinate if necessary.
Between the two divisions, there are about 3600 staff.  It is not known how many of those staff have already been vaccinated.

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