NDP continues push for $15 minimum wage in Sask.

NDP MLA Aleana Young believes the minimum wage topic in Saskatchewan should not be as controversial as it is.

She brought the conversation to question period on Tuesday where she said there’s a need to establish a $15 per hour minimum wage in the province. Saskatchewan has the lowest minimum wage in Canada at $11.45.

Young said on Tuesday that studies show raising the minimum wage boosts the economy and supports workers when it comes to affordability.

“There is not a lot you can afford when making $11.45 before tax,” stated Young. “Keeping people in this kind of grinding poverty, it certainly doesn’t help these people, and it doesn’t create more opportunities or businesses.”

Young shared that business owners she has spoken to in the community value their employees more than a minimum wage at $11.45, and that business owners know a higher minimum wage could help the economy.

Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Don Morgan said on Tuesday that the government is not looking at raising the minimum wage to $15 at this time. He mentioned how the province uses a specific calculation using an indexation formula to provide equal weight to changes to the Consumer Price Index and average hourly wage for Saskatchewan.

“If the minister thinks handing working people a couple more dimes to rub together is the solution to lifting them out of poverty, I would suggest that the minister is sadly out of touch with the reality of people in Saskatchewan.”

The only province with a $15 minimum wage is Alberta. Nunavut’s minimum wage is at $16.

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