Hospitality Saskatchewan pleased to see food delivery service fees capped at the end of August

The provincial government is extending the cap on food delivery service across the province until the end of August.

Food delivery providers are only allowed to charge up to 18 percent of a pre-PST order price on food they deliver, and 10 percent on food that’s picked up at a restaurant.

Hospitality Saskatchewan President and CEO Jim Bence says this is great news for the restaurant industry.

“The fact that it takes us to the end of summer is really encouraging,” Bence said. “Particularly for our restaurant partners in Regina where there’s no other options other than take-out. This may just be what they need to hopefully get them closer to the finish line.”

Bence says this could be the difference between closure and survival for some restaurants.

“They’re hanging on by their fingernails,” Bence said. “Without this it’s very dire, and with the idea that take-out this time around, there’s not much money to be made.”

Bence says as the vaccines continue rolling out, it’s really a tale of two different sides.

“You’ve got this optimistic view now that ‘yes, we’re getting vaccinated and we will get out of this,’ but then on the other side too, with this variant, that throws a whole new wrench into the works,” Bence said. It’s all about anxiety, and people’s anxiety-levels go up when there’s uncertainty, and so these are just uncertain times and people are just trying to manage as best as they can.”

Permits to deliver alcohol can now be acquired by third-party delivery services, something Bence says will also help restaurants recoup costs from not being able to have in-person dining.

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