Dewdney Park to be renamed Buffalo Meadows

The City of Regina unanimously passed a motion renaming Dewdney Park, in the city’s North Central.

The move follows recent action by the city to explore the harmful legacies of Sir John A. Macdonald and Lord Edgar Dewdney.

The park will now be known as Buffalo Meadows, after Councillor Bob Hawkins moved to remove the word “park” from the title.

Mayor Sandra Masters says they wanted to remove any redundancy.

“The fact is, it doesn’t need to be named park, it’s Buffalo Meadows, it’s known that it’s a park,” said Masters. “And (Hawkins) was just looking to reduce redundancy.”

The renaming follows a recommendation by city administration to rename the park, Dewdney Pool, and Dewdney Avenue.

When asked how close the city is to renaming Dewdney Avenue, Masters said there’s a lot more work that needs to be done.

“We heard from the clerk this evening that that is being undertaken in the next two quarters,” said Masters. ‘In terms of public consultation, as well as a lot of the work related to the legal ramifications of a potential name change.”

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