WEATHER ALERT: Continued snowfall shuts down Trans-Canada east of Regina and creates havoc on many other roads

Update – Continued snowfall across east central and southeastern Saskatchewan, has created extremely poor driving conditions across the region.

RCMP said in a news release Tuesday morning that overnight they received 24 calls for service regarding motor vehicle collisions due to weather.

Additionally, they received 15 calls for assistance where vehicles were stuck in the road or in the ditch.

Highways throughout the province are still extremely slippery and many highways are closed in the south east corner of the province.

This morning RCMP are asking people not to travel, and if they must to check the highway hotline and plan ahead for interruptions, delays or emergencies.

The Trans-Canada remains closed early Tuesday morning (5:30 a.m.) from Balgonie to Broadview, with travel not recommended to the Manitoba border after that. Highway 33 from Francis to Stoughton is also closed early Tuesday morning.

However, Environment Canada’s Jason Knight says by Tuesday evening things will calm down substantially.

“We are going to see continued poor conditions on the roads for at least the rest of Tuesday morning, but then this will start to wind down, first with the wind near mid-day on Tuesday, and then the snow not to long after that,” Knight said. “By evening will be down to flurries, then Wednesday it will finally be over,” he added.

Knight says because of strong winds and drifting snow, totals will be hard to predict right away, but he estimates the Regina area has seen an additional 10 cm’s since Monday evening when about 5 cm’s had already fallen. The heaviest accumulations continue to be eastern Saskatchewan along the Manitoba border where some places have seen around 25 cm’s.

Roads in cities will also be tough to navigate for the morning commute Tuesday, thanks to drifts and icy conditions underneath.

Snowfall Warnings  remained in effect early Tuesday morning for eastern Saskatchewan along the Manitoba border from Kamsack to the U.S.

Regina, Moose Jaw and the Weyburn and Estevan areas had been placed under Blowing Snow Advisories.

More to come. 

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