Trudeau government outlines compensation for market concessions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Ottawa has announced 691 million dollars over 10 years to compensate supply-managed poultry and egg producers for Trans-Pacific partnership market concessions.

Agriculture minister Marie-Claude Bibeau says an average chicken producer, with 448 thousand killos per year, will access up to 122 thousand dollars.

An average turkey producer, with 302 thousand kilos per year, will access up to 114 thousand dollars.

An average egg producer, with 654 thousand dozen eggs per year, will access up to 111 thousand dollars.

An average hatching egg producer, with 3.4 million eggs per year, will access up to 375 thousand dollars.

Funding of 36 million dollars will also go to the Turkey Farmers of Canada and 25 million to the Chicken Farmers of Canada over 10 years for market development.


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