Sask government making it easier to pay traffic tickets

Changes have been made by the Saskatchewan government that will make it easier for people to resolve traffic tickets.

“The current procedure for resolving tickets can be cumbersome,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant said in a release.  “These changes will modernize the court process and will provide citizens timely and effective access to justice.”

The changes will first be implemented for traffic tickets and will later extend to tickets for other offences.  The amendments will make the process for resolving tickets simpler and more efficient while still being fair for all citizens.  For example, the amendments will allow defendants to:

  • request an extension to their fine payment due date without attending court;
  • enroll in the Fine Option Program prior to their court appearance, which will allow them to start paying down the fine earlier; and
  • participate in an early resolution discussion with a prosecutor either online, on the phone, or in writing.

It is hoped the changes will reduce court volumes significantly by enabling defendants to resolve many tickets without having to travel to a court house.  The government is working on developing an online system with the hope being it will be in operation by this fall.

Tickets issued under The Traffic Safety Act represent 90 per cent of all charges for provincial offences.  The most frequent traffic offences are speeding, photo laser speed enforcement, red light cameras, unregistered vehicles, and holding, viewing or using electronic communications equipment.

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