Winter returns to Saskatchewan Monday morning

Much of Saskatchewan has been hit with heavy wet April snow, including Regina, where about ten centimeters has already fallen. Photo Mitchell Blair.

Put the lawn mower away and bring out the snow shovel one more time.

Much of Saskatchewan is waking up to a blanket of wet heavy snow Monday morning.

Most areas have seen five to ten centimeters, with the heaviest accumulation so far in the Wynyard region, where close to 20 cm’s has come down.

The winter weather is expected to continue until later in the day Tuesday, before tapering off after that.

Environment Canada’s Jason Knight says while frustrating to some, snow in mid April is not an unusual occurrence, and it usually brings much needed moisture with it.

“Not far up in the Arctic it’s till -30 or – 35C, and that cold air is really hard to force out,” Knight said. “That’s what really generates these stronger systems, that cold starts meeting that warm more moist air that’s starting to move up from the United States, but it’s always a battle, and we always end up with these sudden storms brining this moisture, much needed of course,” Knight added.

Knight said the Regina area can expect to see around another ten cm’s before the system moves out.

Area’s still under Snowfall Warning’s like Yorkton and Melville will see more than ten cm’s of snow.

Road conditions as expected are not great, with many highways reporting slushy conditions, some areas are reporting ice covered highways.

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