New murals being installed at RPL’s Dunlop Art Gallery

Dunlop Art Gallery at the Regina Public Library is installing two new murals highlighting Métis heritage.

The murals, called “All My Relations” and “For Clémence”, were created by Canadian artist Daphne Boyer in tribute of her mother and grandmother.

Tomas Jonsson with RPL says he’s excited to be able to share Boyer’s story through her art.

“They tell the story of this place,” said Jonsson. “She’s from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, and this area is very much deeply rooted in her identity. We’re really honoured to be able to feature that through the work at this location.

The murals will be installed outside the galleries at the Central Library and the Sherwood Village Branch.

Jonsson says the Dunlop is kind of a hidden gem at the Regina Public Library.

“People coming to both the library and to the gallery, there’s a lot of crossover and engagement opportunities that come being in such a dynamic space,” said Jonsson. I think we really try to bridge those spaces; we really try to bring the art into the library spaces as much as possible.”

While the library is closed due to COVID-19 protocols, Jonsson says there are other ways to enjoy the murals.

“While the library is closed and we wont be able to enjoy the murals in person yet, we are developing an online access to the images of the murals, and also background on that work,” said Jonsson. “There’ll also be a few programs that will have online discussion with Daphne.”

More information can be found on the library’s website or their Facebook page.

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