Harrison and Young continue to spar over jobs plan

Jobs minister Jeremy Harrison and NDP jobs critic Aleana Young have had some heated exchanges during Question Period in this session of the Saskatchewan Legislature and Monday was no different.

Young continued to hammer away on Harrison and the fact he seemingly has no plan to get Saskatchewan people back to work and that he is the worst jobs minister in Canada.

Harrison responded by saying Young and the NDP are in the situation they are in and have been in since having power taken away from them in 2007.

“Those members opposite have zero credibility on the economy, they have zero credibility with our business community and it is why Mr. Speaker they have virtually have zero seats opposite.” Harrison said.

Young went on to say this is a government that has no plans for jobs, no plans for COVID and that the latest job numbers showed 300,000 new jobs were added in Canada, but not one was added in Saskatchewan.  She says Saskatchewan has gone from being a have province to a have-not province as the numbers prove.


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