Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan received major donation from Knight Group of Companies

The Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan has received a major donation of up to $450,000 from the Knight Group of Companies.

CFS CEO Nora Yeates says the donation will be going to renovations at the Regina Cancer Patient Lodge.

“Whether they stay for one day or several days for multiple weeks — depending on what their treatment regime is — and they can stay at this lodge right across the street for $40 per night,” Yeates said. “They get all of their meals, they can eliminate the worry of travel, (and) it allows them to rest and recharge.”

Yeates says the 28-room lodge itself can relieve stress for cancer patient families.

“Life doesn’t stop when you have cancer, and this lodge provides that home-away-from-home so they can still access their treatment as needed.”

Yeates says this donation allows the foundation to do some necessary upgrades.

“The lodge is 35 years old, it has never had these kinds of upgrades,” Yeates said. “They’re going to be able to put in the LED lighting and make it more efficient, the guest rooms on the second floor — there’s 18 rooms on the second floor — and we need to upgrade the flooring, the bathroom amenities, even just the furniture in the rooms.”

After the donation matching campaign, the Cancer Foundation would only need 250 thousand dollars to complete their fundraising goal. A link to donate can be found here.

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