Warehouse district liking talk of economic activity in Dewdney railyards

It is beginning to sound as if some activity will be happening on the Dewdney railyards that will connect downtown to the warehouse district.

Talk of a new events centre and a ballpark have piqued the interest of the Regina Warehouse District who feel that economic activity will be a huge positive for them and the city as a whole.

Executive Director Leasa Gibbons says there has been some work on the railyards, but it is work no one has really heard about.

“It’s not the sexy stuff that has been happening.” Gibbons said. “It’s the environmental stuff so it is nice now to see the stuff that we want to see and we can talk about it.   Anytime you have a situation like this is a district growing up around it like the Forks in Winnipeg with their ballpark or the Ice District in Edmonton with Rogers Place.  All of these things form a synergy.

Gibbons says the amount of people that would be downtown if an arena and ballpark were built would be huge for the many bars and restaurants in the district that has been devastated by COVID-19 and would be a big help as Regina and Saskatchewan recover from the COVID-19 impact especially in the restaurant sector.

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