STF urging caution as students return to school

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) is asking resident to be extra vigilant to protect against COVID-19 variants when students return to school on Monday.

In a news release issued Saturday, STF President Patrick Maze says the organization is concerned with the rise in cases since schools decided to move to remote learning before the Easter.

Predictably, case numbers have continued to climb at an exceptional rate throughout the province,” said Maze. “This is no longer an issue for just Regina and southeast Saskatchewan but in fact for all schools in all regions of Saskatchewan.”

COVID-19 cases have increased 162 percent in Saskatoon and by 83 percent provincially since the beginning of April, according to the release.

Maze is warning that people who gathered and traveled during the break will now be congregating in schools, increasing of risk of transmission.

“I urge everyone to follow all precautions as they return to school and stay home at even the smallest sign of illness and request the use of the rapid tests where available,” said Maze.

In the release, Maze says obviously in-person learning is best and preferred, the safety of students and staff needs to be a priority.

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