CAA Saskatchewan’s Worst Roads campaign returns

Whether it is a residential road or a highway, residents can nominate and vote for the worst roads in Saskatchewan starting Wednesday.

CAA Saskatchewan’s Worst Roads campaign is back after a year off in 2020 due to challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s campaign will run from April 7-27.

Christine Niemzyk, director of corporate communications and public relations, mentioned they will be following all restrictions and guidelines set by the government during the spring campaign. She said it’s important to get feedback from citizens regarding dangerous and problematic road conditions in the province, so they can address those concerns with decision makers.

“Motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are asked to tell us through the campaign what are some of the worst roads they have come across,” stated Niemzyk.

She explained how their Google Map Locator will be a new feature for the 2021 contest, which will give voters a visual of vote distribution across the province through the campaign’s website.

“It will actually pinpoint the current locations of the nominated roads that are receiving votes,” said Niemzyk. “It’s a nice visual piece. So when you are looking at a road, it will pinpoint that and help visualize it for our voters.”

Niemzyk encourages people who are nominating and voting during the campaign to send in photos to CAA Sask in a safe environment.

Highway 26 near Goodsoil finished at number one in the top 10 list from 2019. Dolphin Bay in Regina finished third that year.

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