Proposed tribute centre, roadside memorial announced for Humboldt Broncos

The city of Humboldt and the Humboldt Broncos Memorial Committee have announced tribute projects that will honour the families and victims of the 2018 bus crash tragedy.

The vision involves two aspects: a proposed tribute centre next to the Elgar Petersen Arena in Humboldt where the Broncos play their home games, and a permanent memorial at the site of the bus crash. A concept of the tribute centre revealed on Monday shows it would house an exhibit gallery, ice surface and training centre. There is also an option to include a therapy centre in the plans.

The ice and fitness facilities would support both the Broncos and the community.

Rob Muench, deputy mayor of Humboldt, said he’s grateful there is an opportunity to create a lasting tribute.

“We now have the opportunity to highlight the best attributes of those from around the world who were brought together by this tragedy to exhibit community spirit, hope and inspiration,” stated Muench.

A national capital fundraising campaign has been launched by the city and memorial committee to raise funds for the projects. Muench, who was mayor of Humboldt when the crash occurred, mentioned they are far from the final design of the tribute centre. A concept image of the centre was unveiled on Monday.

A concept image of the proposed Humboldt Broncos tribute centre. (Image: Humboldt Broncos Memorial Committee)

City Manager Joe Day said their target for the proposals is somewhere around $25 million.

“It is so very preliminary that we still have room to downsize if needed or possibly grow it a little bit if the support is there,” he explained. “Right now, the initial thought is it would take $25 million to build the initial concept that is out there.”

He expects it will take two years before a final concept plan has been developed for the tribute centre.

For the roadside memorial, Day admitted they have to work through some obstacles on site, including power lines and road accesses, in order to get the proper design for the initiative. However he believes construction of the memorial can move forward sooner.

A video of Monday’s announcement can be found at the Humboldt Broncos Tribute Campaign website.

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