Felipe Gomez announced as new “Saskatchewanderer”

Tourism Saskatchewan has announced their new “Saskatchewanderer”.

Felipe Gomez, a musician and educator, is excited for his new role, even in the midst of a pandemic.

“I’m really excited, this is like a dream come true,” said Gomez. “I have been exploring in Saskatchewan before, I traveled Saskatchewan from south to north on a bicycle a couple of years ago, and that was amazing. This time, I want to explore and show other people what I’m discovering, so this is kind of like a dream gig.”

As the Saskatchewanderer, Gomez will safely travel the province, showcasing all the great things Saskatchewan has to offer.

Gomez says he is bringing a new perspective to the role.

“I was born in Chile, I became a Canadian citizen last year, so I still see Saskatchewan through a tourist’s eyes,” said Gomez. “I still get impressed with some kinds of food, some kinds of treats, landscapes. So, I’m like a kid in a playground.”

While it’s hard to predict where Gomez will go first due to COVID-19 restrictions, he is hoping to set out on his new adventure in the next few weeks.

He adds he’s excited to meet people along the way.

“If anyone sees me out there, just say hi,” said Gomez. “And if you see something interesting I should learn, or I should try, please let me know.”

You can follow Gomez’s travels by following The Saskatchewanderer on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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