Regina churches ready to celebrate second COVID Easter

Churches around the province are preparing to celebrate their second Easter during COVID-19.

While many churches are more prepared than last year, celebrations still won’t look the same.

Deacon Eric Gurash with the Archdiocese of Regina says many churches are encouraging people to celebrate the holiday from home.

“We’ve really been encouraging people to, since the mass attendance numbers are so low right now, really encouraging people to celebrate in their homes,” said Gurash. “Making available virtual services and making sure people have materials, and that to use to worship.”

Gurash says, traditionally, Easter is one on the biggest church-going weekends of the year.

He adds with many services being held virtually, churches are going to try and make it as normal as possible.

“The services will be simpler, there won’t be some of the grand processions, and activities like that, that are part of our ritualized celebrations,” said Gurash. “And yet, at the same time within that simplicity, we know that we can continue to experience the grace and hope that we’re all hungry for during this pandemic.”

Gurash says continuing to celebrate Easter, and other religious holidays, is extremely important during these difficult times.’

“One of the things this pandemic has really highlighted is how deeply it affects our emotional, our mental, our spiritual health, when we’re not able to connect with each other in person,” said Gurash. “It’s really highlighting that human beings are made for each other. One of the things our worship services do, even when we’re separated, is highlight the fact that we’re all in this together.”

The Archdiocese sent out a “public service announcement” last week, asking anyone who plans on attending church in person to pre-register online.

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