Sask. NDP calling for more green jobs in province

The Saskatchewan NDP are calling for the province to create a plan to put people to work in green jobs.

NDP leader Ryan Meili says that plan starts with a Saskatchewan commitment to reducing greenhouse gases and playing its part in Canada’s global commitments.  Meili wants a Saskatchewan plan that ensures funds from carbon pricing are distributed fairly in Saskatchewan that recognizes the distinct needs of rural communities and agriculture producers.

Meili says the province needs to looking at every opportunity in renewable power.  He believes a Saskatchewan plan should include a legislated target of 100 percent emissions-free electricity by 2050 by working with the Crown sector to meet that goal as soon as possible.  Meili called for a on-bill financing program, like Renew Saskatchewan to lower power bills by allowing people to invest in renewable power and energy efficient retrofits. He says Saskatchewan needs to be working with SaskPower to explore green jobs in geothermal, bio-mass, biofuels, wind and solar.

The NDP announced it will be launching a series of consultations with experts from all sectors and the general public in Saskatchewan on how to implement a green jobs plan.  Meili says this will include what the future of work and our action on climate change looks like, adding a plan that works for working people has them at the table from the very beginning.


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