April is Dig Safe Month

With the weather warming up and spring projects on the minds of many, the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance is reminding people to be responsible before you dig.

April has been designated as Dig Safe Month.

Before a project like new deck or fence build begins it’s important to know what lines or pipes are below the surface of your yard.

Shannon Doka, the SCGA’s Executive Director says underground infrastructure is more common than many realize.

“There is thousands of kilometres of underground lines, whether they’re gas, water, sewer, cable, power, phone lines, and we want to avoid digging into them, which might knock out your cable for your neighbour, or it might knock out your gas lines so your furnace isn’t running,” said Doka. “All very good examples why we all need to dig safe.”

The easiest way to get a line locate before a project begins is by using SaskFirst Call or going to their website.

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