Saskatchewan teachers would like to see in-person learning April 26

The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation is hoping kids can continue online learning after the Easter Break.

President Patrick Maze is calling on the government to move all schools to Level 4 from April 12, which is when kids are scheduled to go back, until April 23.

Maze feels this is a move that is needed at a time when cases are increasing throughout the province.

“We want a two week buffer period where all schools would move online.” Maze said. “With the variants of concern and how transmissible it is, this would do wonders when it comes to slowing down things a little bit and allow teachers, students and communities to stay safe.”

Between March 15  and 28, data from the Saskatchewan government shows there were 90 outbreaks declared in schools with Regina Public and Catholic schools declaring 36 of those outbreaks.

While acknowledging in-person learning is the preferred method, Maze says if teachers, students and families knew kids would not be walking back into a classroom until April 26 would allow them to prepare and not trying to make alternate plans at the last second.

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