Sask. NDP says more action needed on jobs; Premier failed to protect residents

The Saskatchewan NDP is asking the provincial government to include a robust job plan in the upcoming budget.

NDP Jobs Critic Aleana Young says the government needs to show real leadership during this second wave.

“Rare press conferences, and word salads, are cold comfort to the people of this province,” said Young. “We don’t need a curbside pickup Premier, we need honest and earnest leadership, and a real plan for jobs.”

Young alleges that the government’s mishandling of the pandemic, has had a devastating impact on the economy.

“Scott Moe has given us the worst of both worlds, some of the worst COVID-19 outcomes in the country, and an economy that’s heading in the wrong direction fast,” said Young. “Business owners I speak to are frustrated, and almost angry. They’re told to stay open, while their customers are told to stay home, and they can’t access federal funding to help them throughout this time.”

Some of the NDP’s proposed job plan includes removing the PST from construction labour and restaurant meals, diversifying energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal, a Sask-first procurement strategy, a $15/hour minimum wage, affordable health care, paid sick days, a film employment tax credit, and improved connectivity.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili says the main reason for growing COVID-19 numbers in the province is the government’s lack of leadership.

He accused the premier of playing politics rather than protecting the province.

“For purely political reasons, Scott Moe is unwilling to do the work to keep people safe and will only do as little as he can possibly get away with,” said Meili. “It’s just another sign that we have a Premier who isn’t fit for the job. The greatest threat to our health and our economy in Saskatchewan right now is Scott Moe.”

Meili and Young are calling on the province to host a cross-sector round table to help guide the province on how to diversify the economy.

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