Federated Co-ops rebrands Regina area ethanol plant


Federated Co-ops has rebranded its ethanol production facility in Belle Plaine, west of Regina, to align with the Co-op brand.

The Co-op Ethanol complex, formerly known as Terra Grain fuels, will continue to source its feedstock from prairie farmers and manufacture ethanol.

The ethanol is added as renewable content to gasoline at the Co-op refinery complex for distribution across the Co-op retail system, serving more than 620 communities across Western Canada.

Federated Co-ops says the acquisition of the facility is an important stratetgic investment.

The Co-op ethanol complex produces up to 150 million litres of ethanol every year from 350 thousand tons of wheat, corn, rye and triticale from more than 400 farmers.

In addition to ethanol, the complex also produces about 130 thousand tons of dried distillers grain every year, used as a high protein additive in livestock feed.

Federated Co-ops acquired the plant in June, 2019, which contributes 80 to 110 million dollars a year to the economy.


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