SFL has budget wish list

Next week’s provincial budget is one must include a plan for workers.

That is the opinion of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour who is asking for a variety of things when Donna Harpauer brings down that budget on Tuesday

One of the things that SFL president Lori Johb would like to see is a $15 minimum wage which she feels would boost the economy as we recover from COVID-19.

That issue is one that has brought out both sides in a heated debate with some saying doing that will be detrimental for small business. Johb doesn’t see it that way though.

“Small businesses are already paying their worker more than minimum wage so I don’t buy the argument that it will put employers out of business.” Johb said. “It is one of the things we would certainly like to see.”

Other items the SFL are looking for include:

  • investment in creating good jobs to get Saskatchewan people back to work
  • paid sick days for all workers
  • a plan to replace private for profit long term care with a public system

Johb says with COVID-19 taking such a toll on workers who were already struggling, this is the right time to make a significant investment in working people

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