Regina ready to clean-up after spring storm

For the second time in three months, Regina was battered by a storm that brought snow and strong wind with it.

As they were after the last storm in January, the City of Regina will be ready to keep streets as good as can be for the morning commute Tuesday.

Roadways operation manager Tyler Bien says the game plan does not change.

“During a storm event, the city focuses on high risk intersections by providing ice control.  That means we focus on the high speed roads and ones with the greatest volumes of traffic.” Bien said. “We will prepare for the storm the same way we prepared in January.  While we are focused on the ice control aspect of it right now, if plowing is needed we will certainly do that.”

In January, the wind created a lot of damage as several gusts of over 100 kilometers an hour were recorded.   While the wind didn’t get that strong, it is expected some tree branches will fall and some trees could topple.  Bien says if you see damage that needs to be cleaned up, call the city and crews will get to it.

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