Moe pleased with vaccine rollout so far in Saskatchewan

The province is ready to ramp up its vaccination program.

Premier Scott Moe says 184,000 vaccines have been administered to people in Saskatchewan already with an expected 180,000 doses coming in the next two weeks.

He says that is good news for many.

“That means more appointments will be opening up, more drive-thrus will be opening up, more age groups will be opening up and a lot more Saskatchewan people are going to be able to have the opportunity to receive the vaccine.”

With the news surrounding the AstraZeneca vaccine, some are wary as to whether or not they should be receiving that vaccine, but Moe says whatever one is offered is the one you should take as it is safe.

Moose Jaw and area not under more strict COVID-19 measures… for now

Premier Moe was also asked why Moose Jaw and area was not under the same COVID-19 restrictions as Regina as the Notorious City sees a sharp increase of variant of concern cases beginning to become evident. Instead of implementing those measures, Moe is asking people in the city and other places and stay diligent, but he did say restrictions may have to come if numbers don’t start coming down.

Moe was asked if the government is trying to avoid telling people what to do.

“I hope that there’s no government in this nation or around the world that wants to close businesses or to limit the opportunity for people to go to work, people to go to recreational opportunities or limit kids going to school,” Moe said. “That’s never the goal, that’s never been this government’s goal, we’ve never shied away from saying so.”

Moe feels the province has taken every step it can over the last year and a bit to make sure they are preserving the healthcare capacity while balancing that by allowing people to carry on as normal a life as they can. He says extra health measures are in place, but we still need to be diligent until all of us have had an opportunity to be vaccinated because they are working.

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