White City has no problems being lumped in with COVID-19 restrictions for Regina

White City is one of several communities around Regina are included in the latest COVID-19 restrictions that have been introduced.

Mayor Brian Fergusson understands why White City was incorporated and he thinks most in the town do as well.

“We accept that we are part of what the Saskatchewan Health Authority calls the Regina region. “Fergusson said. “There’s many residents of our community that commute back and forth to work in Regina and live out here and vice-versa.  I think everyone understands what is being done and I am hoping that people who don’t need to go to Regina will stay at home.  We are certainly supportive of the decisions Premier Moe and the SHA have had to make because of the rise of cases and the variants of concern.  We know the seriousness of the consequences so we do encourage them to be safe in whatever they do.”

Like it will be in other communities outside Regina, businesses in the food industry will be hit hard but those businesses survived a year ago thanks to delivery and take-out and while it won’t be easy they will do what they have to with residents supporting them as much as they can.


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