Sask. group says “Enough Already” to workplace sexual harassment

A Saskatchewan group is working to address sexual harassment in the workplace through education and empowerment.

Named Enough Already, the coalition offers a free Employment Coaching program to help survivors reclaim their career after being victims of sexual harassment.

Nicole White, the project lead, says they want to work with employers and employees to reduce those cases in the workplace.

“We have a team of folks across the province that can support people that have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace,” said White. “So, whether you’re going to stay in your job, or leave the job, they can provide you with some support in navigating some of those next steps. I’m really proud of that employment coaching piece.”

The program provides up to 4 hours with a professional coach.

According to Enough Already, a new study finds that 40 per cent of Saskatchewan residents have either experienced themselves or know someone who has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

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