Elm tree pruning ban begins April 1st

The province’s annual ban on pruning elm trees, to prevent Dutch elm disease, begins on April 1st and goes to August 31st.

During this time, pruning elm trees is illegal. The ban occurs at the time when the elm bark beetles are most active. The beetles transmit DED.

Fresh cuts from trimming trees can attract the beetles, increasing the chance of an infection.

The province is recommending that people prune their trees before and after the ban period to keep them healthy, to be able to resist all types of disease, including DED.

Remove unhealthy and dead elm wood cuts, reducing places for beetles to breed and the risk of infection.

If you see an elm showing signs of DED, report it to your local municipality.
Remove and dispose of DED-infected elms promptly, including during the ban period.

It is also recommended that you don’t prune tree unless you know how to do so properly.

For more information, contact your local municipality or the Ministry of Environment Inquiry Centre at 1-800-567-4224, or visit www.saskatchewan.ca/forestry.

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