NDP criticizes premier for inaction, call on prime minister to acknowledge carbon tax impacts in Saskatchewan

Ryan Meili and the Saskatchewan NDP say Thursday’s announcement by the Supreme Court of Canada ruling the Carbon Tax constitutional, was not unexpected, but they are calling on the Federal government to acknowledge the disproportionate impact the tax has on the province.

Meili says the economy wide price on carbon is not something Saskatchewan people or the NDP support.  Meili adds there are major flaws within the policy, giving the example that “for people living in rural and remote areas with a pickup (truck) it’s not a luxury it’s a necessity, where putting on hundreds of miles per week is a part of ordinary life.”  Meili suggests people are paying more at the pump and this isn’t fair when they don’t have a way to avoid that.  The NDP leader says key Saskatchewan industries like oil and gas, mining and agriculture are also being hit harder in the prairies than anywhere else.

Meili criticized Premier Scott Moe for keeping the Trudeau Carbon Tax policy for over two years, while fighting the tax in court, rather then negotiating a better deal for Saskatchewan people. Meili called Thursday’s decision a real loss for Scott Moe, and says Saskatchewan people have been hurt from his inaction.

Meili says the NDP want a better deal that exempts fuel used for grain drying, limits costs for families and ensures rebates leave families with more money in their pockets than what they pay in carbon tax.  Meili believes there needs to be a balance between reducing emissions, and keeping up with international obligations, while at the same time doing so in a way that has the least impact on the quality of life of Saskatchewan people.


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