Delivery fees to be capped for a month in Saskatchewan

If you are one of those that uses the Skip the Dishes, DoorDash or another company to bring food to your door, there is some good news.

The government is capping fees on food delivery charges in an attempt to support restaurants. Those fees will be capped at 18 percent of your pre-tax order if it is delivered and 10 percent on the purchase price if you pick it up from the restaurant.

Hospitality Saskatchewan President and CEO Jim Bence applauds the move  saying it is something they have wanted to see for a while.

‘This has been a pressing issue, but it is amplified when things like this happen so we are very appreciative of the government taking this step.” Bence said. “With Regina going through what it is right now, let’s take every opportunity to support your local restaurants not just in Regina, but across the province.  We are all seeing now what pressure the industry is under so this helps a lot.”

The move takes effect Sunday and lasts until the end of April.

It is a move being applauded by the NDP who made a call for this a short while ago. In a statement, jobs critic and Regina MLA Aleana Young says “We all know that restaurants are going through a difficult time right now. That’s why we called for this cap to be introduced. It’s good to see the government has agreed with our call to cap delivery fees, but the fact is that a one-month cap won’t have the impact we all want it to have for struggling restaurants. We will be pushing the government for this measure to be extended.”

Saskatchewan joins BC and Ontario as provinces establishing a cap.

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