Agribition Next Gen Mentorship welcomes 8 new members


Agriculture minister David Marit is welcoming the newest group of 8 young farm leaders to the Agribition Next Gen mentorship program.

Marit says the federal and provincial governments are providing 100 thousand dollars to match young leaders with experienced professionals to provide skills and experience for the farm leaders of tomorrow.

The successful mentees and mentors chosen to participate in this intake are:

Alexandra Clarke, paired with Gerry Hertz
Sandra Hessdorfer, paired with Sara Shymko
Megan Roger, paired with Brett Halstead
Morgan Follensbee, paired with Kim Keller
Blaine Lamontagne, paired with Danny Petty
Grayson Berting, paired with Joe Barnett
Ryan Garbarczyk, paired with Shelley Jones
Anna Karlsson, paired with Heather Deobald

The Next Gen Program is an agricultural mentorship program for future leaders in Saskatchewan delivered by Canadian Western Agribition.

The program accepts eight applicants into an 18-month mentorship experience.

This is the third group of 8 young people paired with mentors.


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