YQR International Airport begins COVID-19 testing pilot project with Haztech

The YQR International Airport has entered a pilot project with Haztech to provide private COVID-19 testing for those coming to and from the airport.

Haztech will offer PCR testing as well as rapid tests, with both results arriving faster than Saskatchewan Health Authority testing available at EVRAZ Place.

YQR President and CEO James Bogusz says this gives people options when they arrive at the airport.

“It’s hopefully going to give people an option to voluntarily choose if they want to know that day, on the spot, if they have COVID-19,” Bogusz said. “Hopefully that would influence any plans they may have and certainly perhaps the need to follow-up with the (SHA) if they are positive.”

Bogusz says this is an optional, fee-based service for customers coming to and from the airport.

“The cost to us really is making sure we help promote the service, so people know it’s out there,” Bogusz said. “More importantly for us, it’s to gage the uptake from customers and the public.”

“Because the customer is choosing to do this voluntarily at a fee, they’re actually baring the cost themselves.”

Bogusz says the options available are based on the standards set to the country people travel to.

“Some countries will accept rapid tests, but some do require the molecular (PCR) test,” Bogusz said. “Both of those options are available privately with Haztech, both of them have guaranteed timelines, and that gives some passengers comfort that if they’re going to book travel — especially out of the country — they can be assured that they’re going to get that test result well in advance of actually flying.”

The pilot will run for the next couple of months.

Haztech will begin operating in the YQR short-term parking lot Wednesday morning at 5:00 AM, and will remain operating until the final flight of the day, which usually lands by 1:00 AM the next morning.

More information is available on their airport’s website. 

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