Government bans private gatherings in Regina

With COVID-19 cases in Regina continuing to be problematic, the government is listening to the many who have called for restrictions to be tightened in the region.

Effective immediately. private indoor gatherings in the region are banned immediately with other measures also being put into place until April 5 when they will be reviewed.

Some of the other measures include closing restaurants and bars to in-person dining as of 12:01 a.m Sunday with take-out and delivery service still permitted. If you are able to work from home, you should do so, you should not travel into or out of Regina unless it is for essential reasons and event venues including banquet halls, community halls, museums, cinemas, bowling and science centers along with any non-essential indoor location that had limits of 30 individuals are not permitted to operate.

Places of worship in the Regina will remain at the current capacity level, which is a maximum of 30 individuals.

Premier Scott Moe says while vaccinations are increasing so are variant cases meaning we are in a “very challenging moment in the pandemic”.

Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab says with the numbers being where they are at, this move is one that had to be made.

“Despite the best efforts of everyone in Regina, the numbers have continued to climb, necessitating the need for the additional measures announced today,” Shahab said. “They will be in place for as short a period of time as it takes to hopefully turn things around and have Regina also trending downward like the rest of Saskatchewan.”

Numbers released by the province on Tuesday show over half of the active cases in Saskatchewan now come from the Regina zone which has 755 of the 1,472 active cases.

The move came hours after the provincial NDP reiterated its call for a short-term circuit breaker and the City of Regina set to unveil an emergency motion asking for stricter measures to be discussed at a Wednesday council meeting.






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