Regina zone reports 102 of province’s 205 new COVID-19 cases on Monday

The Saskatchewan government has announced 205 new COVID-19 cases, along with 176 recoveries and no new deaths, on Monday.

The Regina zone is reporting nearly half of the province’s total new cases for the day at 102. Other new cases were found in the Far North West (4), Far North East (11), North West (6), North Central (13), North East (9), Saskatoon (28), Central West (1), Central East (7), South West (1), South Central (12) and South East (7) zones.

(Image courtesy of Saskatchewan government)

According to the government, no new confirmed variants of concern cases were detected on Monday. There are 156 confirmed variants of concern cases in Saskatchewan; the Regina zone accounts for 141, or 90 per cent, of the confirmed VOC cases reported in Saskatchewan.

748 presumptive VOC cases have been detected in the province with 640 located in the Regina area.

Saskatchewan has 1,476 active cases with a seven day average of 159, which passes the 150 mark for the first time since March 7. 143 people are in hospital with 115 receiving inpatient care and 28 people in ICUs.

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