Sask. residents pooling SGI rebates together to protect “Field of Dreams”

Saskatchewan residents are banding together and pledging their upcoming SGI rebates to help maintain the province’s grasslands.

The movement, started by University of Regina Professor Marc Spooner, has already raised over $10,000.

Spooner says he wanted to use the extra money to leave a lasting legacy.

“For something like that, it should be something tangible, something lasting. What better thing than preserving a piece of the grasslands,” said Spooner. “We’re all Prairie people here, and if we could protect and preserve a piece of the grasslands for future generations, for all the different species that also call it home, what a neat thing that could be.”

Spooner started the “Field of Dreams: Let’s Do Something Together with our SGI Rebates” group on Facebook, which has garnered the attention of over 650 followers. If every follower pledges their full $285 rebate, the total raised would be over $185,000.

Spooner says the Nature Conservancy of Canada has promised to up to triple the money raised, adding it provides a real chance to make a difference.

He says the support for the movement has been overwhelming.

“After a whole year of Covid, people have been enduring Covid, people are looking for something to believe in, something good to do,” said Spooner. “People are just really wanting to reach out and do something together, and people are just looking for something to feel good about, and this is a really good cause.”

Spooner says Saskatchewan always comes together for a good cause, and this is no different.

“It kind of reminds me of when the Riders play, everybody from all walks of life, and different political stripes, can all get together, we all agree on one thing, and that’s cheering on the Riders,” said Spooner. “For this initiative, it’s been kind of the same, the very same feeling, people from all different political stripes are coming together, and can see the value of leaving a legacy with that rebate.”

More information can be found on the groups Facebook page.

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