Online MELT training to launch later this month

SGI is making it easier for people who want to acquire a Class 1 license in Saskatchewan.
Starting March 29, the classroom portion of the mandatory entry level training will have an online option, through SGI’s website.
“I believe we are at a point right now where it is virtually complete, and they are completing testing to make sure everything’s functioning smoothly before we roll it out to the public,” said Barbara Cross, Vice-President of Auto Fund at SGI. “There maybe one or two details to finish, but it is by-and-large complete at this point in time.”
Cross adds this completes a commitment made a couple years ago.
“We recognize that the transportation industry is critical to keeping our society moving,” she said. “This is one way that we can help to develop safe and qualified drivers. This online component should help make the MELT training more accessible and easier for people to get through.”
In a news release, SGI says the online training costs 650 dollars and must be completed within one-year of starting the program.
To obtain a class 1 license, a total of 121.5 hours of training need to be completed, including 47 hours in the classroom, either online or in-person, 17.5 hours in a yard and 57 hours behind the wheel, both of which need to be done in-person.
Changes to who is eligible to operate a Class 1 vehicle in Saskatchewan 
SGI also announced changes that took effect March 1st, affecting those who have an “F” endorsement for operating an F-plated Class 1 vehicle and temporary foreign workers.
The “F” endorsement has been eliminated, which means drivers who held the endorsement prior to March 1st of this year will be required to top up their 121.5 hour training requirement and get a Class 1 license.
Temporary foreign workers who come from a country where Saskatchewan doesn’t have a reciprocal licensing agreement must complete the MELT training before attempting the Class 1 exams.
If they do, however, they can challenge the Class 1 written and practical exams without completing training if they can prove 5-years of Class 1 driving experience.
SGI notes “the changes do not affect drivers who have previously obtained a full Class 1 license.

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