City of Regina, Carry The Kettle First Nation sign Memorandum of Understanding

The City of Regina and Carry The Kettle First Nation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the goal of mutual economic growth.

The MOU, signed by Mayor Sandra Masters and Chief Brady O’Watch, could lead to the construction of an Urban Reserve and other development in the northwest end of the Regina.

Chief O’Watch says this agreement is not just for the present, it’s for past and future generations of Carry The Kettle.

“This is something that has been a long time coming, I acknowledge that this isn’t just a one person, this isn’t just a one-person event, or effort,” said O’Watch. “Many people have come and partook in this opportunity for this agreement. It’s these kinds of efforts that show the proper way to do reconciliation.”

Mayor Sandra Masters says this MOU is a great thing for everyone living in the city.

“For the City, this Memorandum represents our ongoing, sincere efforts to improve relationships with our First Nations partner, and to promote economic growth that benefits all of us that live and work within the city,” said Masters. “It is also a reminder that the goals we share are more easily reached when we remain mindful of the value of our long-term relationship.”

While there is no concrete plan as to what will be built on the land, Chief O’Watch says he is excited for the opportunity to turn 300 acres near Armour Road into something great.

He adds having the lands provides not only opportunities for the First Nation, but for its people.

“Our people are always faced with barriers, a lot of our First Nations who are in entrepreneurship or business development,” said O’Watch. “When we signed this MOU to have these lands, it’s a win for them because they have an opportunity to work on Carry The Kettle’s, along with the City of Regina, it’s a collaborative move to help our nation move forward.”

The next step in the development of the land is signing a Municipal Services Agreement, which O’Watch says won’t happen until they consult with their members.

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